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[CURRENT ISSUE 64-bit] TS3 64-bit memory leak
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I think that this issue is important. As we know, TS3 64-bit is fresh, so it's typically that there's some bugs or sth. I had today weird situation - when I was in Buy Mode, my game froze, I was playing for about ~2 hours. My MacBook then slowed down veeery much. Then I got this:

Zrzut ekranu 2020-10-30 o 15.10.37.png


It's message about RAM.

61 GB?! What theee...? Looks like memory leak. Ofc, my MacBook has 8 GB RAM, so it used disk space until it was full. Before I could do something, my computer froze completely and restarted.




For now, this was just one accident, but maybe you had it too, so let me know about that and remember about saving your game as often as you can! Standard smile


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Who Me Too'd this topic