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Problem with Prime Gaming rewards and linking Game Account
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Hi there,


My problem is as follows: I have claimed my Twitch Prime rewards for APEX Legends prior to linking my game account. My Twitch Prime is linked to my account, so no issues there. Every time I try to use the 'Link Game Account' button, it just redirects me back to the Apex legends page of Prime Gaming, with the button still there. 


I tried several solutions I found in other threads, such as unlinking my accounts that were linked to my Prime Gaming account. It seems as though I shouldn't have claimed the rewards before linking a game account. I tried linking another EA-account of a friend and the same problem occurs, so I concluded that it doesn't have anything to do with my EA-account. 


I saw some other gameproviders solving the same solution with the gamedeveloper adding the rewards to people's accounts manually. I'm wondering if this could be a fitting solution, since I am paying for my Twitch Prime rewards monthly. I don't want to miss out on the rewards! 


I'm looking forward to your response! 


Who Me Too'd this topic