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Joystick mapping/detection fail
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I bought a CH Fighterstick to upgrade from my cheap-* HOTAS X, I still need the throttle unit from the HOTAS X. For some reason this game won't detect both (Once ONCE it actually did after hours and hours of moving things around the usb  ports and rebooting countless times, it totally forgot after and I haven't been able to get it to see both sticks since.) If I unplug the HOTAS X it'll see the CH Fighterstick, but it won't react to both. Other games and my PC see it (if I install Vjoy driver, squadrons will detect that as a second stick)   If possible make joystick mapping and detection less automated on the game side... people who use HOTAS tend to have crazy * modded custom set ups, having the game trying to figure out that * on it's own, in secret, is a bad idea. It doesn't know what it's doing as well as most of the users...

Who Me Too'd this topic