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Make VR Great Again! - Fighters are low res
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★★★ Apprentice

Hi Devs,


I bought an Oculus Rift S headset in July as soon as I heard this game was coming out. I got my VR legs in on some of the AAA standard games in VR to see what it was all about. Half-Life Alyx is obviously the most impressive looking VR title to date, which should have been overthrown by Squadrons.


I see many people talking about the background stars 'skybox' looking blurry, but for me the other fighters look low res too (and I've seen others with the same issue on these forums and in YouTube clips - on Valve Index as well as Rift S).


SWS looks awesome on my 1440p 144Hz pancake - all graphics settings defaulted to Ultra on my rig - but the low res rendering of the other fighters and stars in my VR HMD really detracts from the immersive VR experience because they look like I am playing on a Play Station 2 even though all my graphics settings are still on Ultra. Playing on pancake after HMD is disappointing.. 


Please make this game look awesome in VR like it should be. Thank you.



RTX 2080 (looks bad with both the SWS optimised driver and the current latest)

16GB @ 3200MHz

Oculus Rift S

Steam VR

Who Me Too'd this topic