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Sims 4 Furniture cc not showing up in build mode
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Hey! I've been playing sims 4 for a couple of years and every single time i've downloaded TONS of custom content. Every once in a while, I will uninstall sims 4 because I get bored of it, wiping the entire mod folder and tray folder clean and empty. I just started playing again in September, but now I have a problem - none of my furniture cc is working! It is in the correct folder, and when I start the game, I can even see the furniture cc in the game made mods list. When I'm in build mode and search things up, I can still see the names of the mods! But when I click in it, it only goes to the category that it's in and no objects shows up. I've already tried to repair my game, but nothing's working Frown


Anyone know how to solve this problem?




Who Me Too'd this topic