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Constant VR Crashing in Fleet Battles
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First off, I have tried EVERY fix suggested by players and devs.  This is 100% the game at fault here and not my system.  Every time I enter a fleet battle the game crashes from VR every time without fail.  Then every time I am shot down in a fleet battle, it crashes without fail.  I have changed my resolution, windowed mode, drivers, overlays, graphical settings, page files, etc.  NOTHING works.  Each crash is also accompanied by a gpu 3d spike of 100% a second before the crash.  Idk what could be causing this but my system is well above the recommended specs and no settings fixes it.  It would be nice to see some sort of confirmation that devs do not think the issue is resolved as of last Sunday's patch and are working on a fix, because it is FAR from fixed and just in the "community tips" category of fixes here.  This bug makes the game completely unplayable when every death and load means a restart of the game. 

Who Me Too'd this topic