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Mission: Forest Flight (Journey to Batuu)
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Okay so several people have had this issue and it seems like it has still gone unaddressed. This is a significant issue that needs to be repaired as it renders a large chunk of the game pack useless.


I cannot get past the part of this Resistance mission where you are required to fly a distraction mission to complete it.


I scrambled the first order control panel, I replaced the x-wing parts, I disabled my mods and moved them all to another folder, I quit the mission and restarted it several times, I restarted the game several times, I left to other neighborhoods and came back...


And it is not giving me the option to fly the distraction mission when I click on the x-wing. My only option is to scan it. There isn't anything else for me to do in Batuu now.


Please, for the love of god fix this already. This is a real bug, not operator error. I've seen the screenshots of what it is supposed to look like and it's simply just not coming up. This isn't worth a fraction of the money I paid for it if I can't get through the first few missions...

Who Me Too'd this topic