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Match loading issue
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I have an issue I would like explained by someone who may be suffering with it or someone that got it resolved.


I've been playing the game fine on dogfight mode and story mode, but I always get to fail to load the match in fleet battles... Here follows what happens:


1- Open up the game, normally.

2- Set queue for fleet battles

3- Find lobby and wait for the countdown to end


To that point, everything is going with no issues, but then:


4- Game starts loading screen for the match itself

5- Loading screen changes after some 20-30 seconds

6- Game gets me back to Main Menu with the message "Failed to load match. You've been removed."

7- Game gets me leaver penalty, even tho I had nothing to do with it, it's the game's fault I couldn't join the match.


I've been seriously annoyed by that for some time now, cuz i get this issue every 7 out of 10 fleet battles.

Who Me Too'd this topic