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[PC] Cannot unbind Menu/VR calibration from flightstick
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Hi, this is not really a bug or technical issue per say, more of a suggestion for quality of life improvement. Hopefully someone else will agree with me.


The game won't let me unbind the Menu/VR Calibration button from my flightstick, like it's a vital thing while flying. I don't know about you guys, but I don't have 20 buttons on my flightstick and can only map so many actions to it (I only have a stick, not the whole stick+throttle combo). So it really sucks to force me to have a button dedicated to pausing the game and recalibrating VR, when I can easily hit the Esc key to pause the game, even with my VR headset on. Right now, I'm trying to figure which actually important functionality I'm going to have to sacrifice for that.


I understand that being able to access menus is important, but the game seem to consider the Flightstick and Keyboard as two completely separate entities and not like a combo


Thanks for reading

Who Me Too'd this topic