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Eco workshop/updates/new things to do
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Just wondering, does anyone know that if you don’t get to craft an item in the Eco workshop when it first comes up as an option, will it come up again? It’s just I missed a few really good items because I didn’t have the recycle tokens to unlock them! 

Also, having missed the STS that gave you the picture perfect story heirloom, along with other really cool items that were available before some of us started playing the game, will we be able to obtain these in the future or were they just one offs and we’ve missed them entirely?  Maybe we could craft them the Eco workshop at a later date???? Just a thought!!


I have so many questions tonight - is there a new update coming soon? Have they increased the levels above 60? Will we get more hobbies, careers and relationship stories? I know I’ve asked this before but it would be nice to have some different ones! Maybe an estate agent, bar owner, nurse, paramedic (with a cute little ambulance to drive round in), firefighter, police officer, movie star etc for careers - not sure about what other hobbies they can do cos my only one is playing sims mobile lol - and maybe relationship stories could include star crossed lovers, film buff lovers  or film star lovers!! Just thinking aloud!  I know they are working tirelessly on new ideas for the game and us players and it must be hard trying to come up with new ideas all he time!

Thanks for taking the time for reading this guys and any comments/answers will be greatly appreciated!


Who Me Too'd this topic