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Can't download Apex Legends in origin client
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Hello. I have a problem with downloading games on origin. I discovered that Apex Legends was free earlier today, so I grabbed it to put in my library. I tried to download it a bit later, and it got stuck on 0% with the word "Preparing..." under it.


I don't know if my hardware just isn't good enough for the game, because I know I have the amount of space (35.9 GB - 22 GB = 13.9 GB left over) and RAM (5.92 RAM usable) for the game to run. My processor hardware is (exactly as written in the computer settings) an "AMD Ryzen 3500U with Radeon Mobile GFX 2.10 GHz".


If my hardware isn't good enough, it's just a bug, or any other answer, it would help greatly.




(edit, a picture of the problem I described has been added)


Who Me Too'd this topic