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Season 6: Only A Packet loss issue
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Launching the game and clicking left mouse button i get greeted by a message along the lines of "reservation to connect failed", trying again always works.


After this i will launch a match leading to massive packet loss so much so that i found out that when loading we are actually placed on the map in groups i was by sorting factory :D it felt like i joined a game in progress and replaced someone (not the case), i was in the legend select screen unable to see the actual select a legend screen.

Then while dropping/in the game (meanwhile still only packet loss), i cannot type or talk in game i cant see the chat or hear other players so unsure what that is. I also cannot exit a match to lobby, and will find myself playing 20 seconds in the past only to soon be met with a easy anti cheat error and getting sent back to the launch screen where i can select a server.


while looking at the server lists i have a ping of 25ms and a packet loss of 0 its only when launching a match i get this massive and game breaking packet loss.


this has been making my game unplayable and honestly makes me upset i cant play season 6 on launch.


I do not have this problem with any other game i can run titan fall 2, rainbow 6 siege, black desert online, Valorant, and more without any connection problems or packet loss.



Watch as the guy from EA posts a copypasta on how to fix some of these problems like i have not tried.


Who Me Too'd this topic