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What if Community Challenges came back
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This is something that bfn could do to keep players feel like they are doing something if they have everything done. This can also be a chance to give players more rainbow stars. Here is my basic idea of what this would look like. These challenges would go for a week then at the end we would get our rewards. 


-Entry amount


You would need to complete a small amount of the challenge to get the rewards.


Example get 50 vanquishes.




Rewards could be like the 3 tier system that GW2 had but instead of what GW2 did it could simply just be rainbow stars. These would be harder and harder to get as the tiers went up.




100 Rainbow stars - first reward


200 Rainbow stars - second reward 


300 Rainbow stars - Final reward


-Different Kind of Challenges


There are plenty of ideas that they could do but some that should not be in community challenges. No taunt challenges and character or ability challenges. These would either cause spam or make the game less fun to play 


The challenges they could do is Get vanquishes, Complete turf matches or any kind of games, could even bring back gnome bomb for a week in the weekly mode, 

Who Me Too'd this topic