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Saved files won't load after recent update...
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Yesterday I go to open my game using Origin on Mac and the normal updates happen. Obviously I think nothing of it. I go to open my game and load my saved game but load game isn't even an option. It's as if there are no save files present at all.


I thought that the save files might be corrupt so I downloaded Origin and all my packs onto another computer I happen to have. I load the save files and they work just fine! To me, this meant that something was wrong with how Origin was communicating with my computer. 


I did talk to someone through EA live chat hours but it wasn't super helpful and their contact hours are a bit hard to work with at times. Per their advice and a link they sent me, I completely uninstalled and then reinstalled Origin and my whole game/pack. The save files still won't work. 


I thought I'd ask here since I have to wait a while for live chat hours to open up. Thanks to anyone who can help!!😊

Who Me Too'd this topic