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EA Sports doesn’t care about their fans.
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This is to you Mike Young and Sean Graddy. I’m sick and tired of being lied to. Mike, last year you said, and I quote, “We are recommitting to franchise mode.” Obviously that is a complete and utter lie. You relegated us to 8 bullet points that should come in a December patch. But no, that’s all you’re doing for Madden 21. You should take a look at your buddies at the NHL side to see how to make a franchise. Add a coaching carousel for crying out loud. It was in a game released by your same company in 2013!! Oh and also in former Madden games! This is downright absurd. I am 21 years old and I have gotten every single Madden since Madden 04. That streak ends with Madden 21. 

Who Me Too'd this topic