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For the Hoard Achievement - Can't Complete?
★★★ Novice

I have been trying to complete the "For the Hoard!" achievement. In the achievements window, it says I have completed 14/15 collections. But, my Sim has completed the following:

1. Frogs

2. Gardening

3. MySims Trophies

4. Metals

5. Crystals

6. Elements

7. Postcards

8. Fossils

9. Microscope Prints

10. Space Prints

11. Aliens

12. Space Rocks

13. Fish

14. Insects

15. Geodes

16. Magic Beans


Am I just missing one of the required ones for this achievement? Or is the game not recognizing this achievement?


I do not use any mods. I just backed up/reset my game. I have also just attempted the repair option in Origin - all to no avail.


I have the following expansion/game/stuff packs:

-Discovery University

-Get Famous


-Cats & Dogs

-City Living

-Get Together

-Get to Work



-Dine Out

-Spa Day

-Outdoor Retreat


-Tiny Living

-My First Pet

-Laundry Day


-Vintage Glamour

-Movie Hangout

-Cool Kitchen


-Holiday Celebration 

-Grim's Ghoulish Guitar


Any guidance is appreciated! I REALLY don't want to do all these over again. Standard smile


Who Me Too'd this topic