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Feature Request - Purchase Handiness Upgrades for Objects.

Not all my Sims are handy. Not all my Sims want to be handy.


If my sim is filthy rich and not handy, why can't they pay for the upgrades on their items?

  • Could you Imagine Judith Ward sweating over plumbing in her house? Absolutely not!
  • Victor or Lily Feng on the floors of their apartment to upgrade their fridge? No!
  • The Landgraabs? I think not.
  • My 26th Generation Sim who could buy every available house in the game and still not be broke? The audacity!

Why can't I hire a handyman to come and upgrade my Sims things if not just directly purchase upgrades on the objects?


I think being able to purchase upgrades for your objects would be fantastic! 


Just an idea I had.

I don't work for EA. I'm a player helping other players.
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Who Me Too'd this topic