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Game lag and Force closes
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Android install on Samsung Galaxy S9 has been lagging during all parts of swgoh for 2+ weeks (since last update?). The game was playable, but would randomly take extra time to open menus, tab through screens, or select and initiate attacks in pvp. Last night I was able to successfully complete 2 of 2 battle attempts in my 6/26 - 6/27 GAC battle. Today when I attempted to complete the rest of the fights to clear the board, swgoh force closed on 4 of 5 battle attempts resulting in a loss and no damage even dealt to opposing team. It is as if I didn't battle except that my teams became used and unavailable and the opposing team was marked with 1 attempt made. Of course, this resulted in me losing this round of the GAC and also prevented me from working towards the side quests.


After chatting with support, the only troubleshooting I hadn't self initiated previously was a full reinstall. An uninstall and reinstall has fixed the issue for now, but does not recoup lost game rewards.  I should also mention that this issue was exclusive to swgoh and no other games/apps on my phone had issues.

Who Me Too'd this topic