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Some Neighbors are Missing after Updating Sims Freeplay
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Hello There,


I have updated Sims Freeplay on my android device, but now I only have 2 neighbors Another Sim Town and my Sister who is also having the same problem. I went to my Sister's Town and to visit her Sims and some of her Sims wasn't at their homes, she told me that none of her Sims were working or at different locations. I suppose to have 7 neighbors, one other Neighbor that I think is playing and I don't think the others are.


I have done everything that I have seen online that other players were successful with, I have remove Sims Freeplay from Facebook by Laptop and Logout from the Android Device, I have remove Sims Freeplay from Android Device completely and turn off the Device, I have remove Facebook App from Android Device , I have Clear Cache from Laptop and Android Device, but still only 2 Neighbors, I am wondering do Facebook Friends get delete if they haven't play for awhile or does my Facebook Friends have to remove the game completely from Facebook for them not to be my Neighbor in Sims Freeplay.





Who Me Too'd this topic