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Regular lag in FIFA seasons
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In about 3 out of every 5 games I play in Seasons, I experience lag and an almost imperceptible delay between pressing a button and the player performing the action, but enough of a delay to ruin gameplay.




I paid good money for the game and my online service.

No other game experiences any online connection problem.

I can stream music or films without interruption.


I don't want excuses.

I want EA to fix the issue and provide me with the service that I've paid for. Playing games is meant to be fun - broken games are not fun.


I've been made aware that Konomi have fixed this issue on Pro Evolution Soccer. It's not my preference to change brand, but if I am not ASSURED that this is getting fixed (preferably immediately, but in FIFA 21 at the latest) I'll be changing when the new game comes out.

Who Me Too'd this topic