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Bugs after last update
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I have 4 bugs.

My Sims won't go to work after the last update. Not even the 'stay at home' assignments are updated when I complete them. (I do a lot of painting and writing now)

Also, when I return from build mode to live mode, all my options are gone. I couldn't do anything, not even save. (I save and quit the game in build mode and restart the game)

And when I come from CAS back to live mode, all the moodlets are gone. the complete sim information, mood, whims, everything is grey and has no information. (I don't change clothes untill they become YA)

Last, when I switch from 1 sim to the next, except for needs, the info isn't updated like work, goals, inventory,... (I switch back to needs everytime I change sims)



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Wie heeft Ik ook gebruikt bij dit onderwerp