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Manage worlds wont let me continue and play the household.
★ Novice

I don’t understand this, but since yesterday 5/25/20 my game won’t let me play the sim household. So I’ll load the game up and after I get through all the main screen stuff. It loads me to willows creek, and I have a household at willows creek, so I tend to play them often. But some reason when I click on them, the photo of the household won’t show up. And the little tab that brings up the name of the household and sims is glitching blue and has the circle loading screen. But I when try and press the button to play the household and it won’t let me at all. I’m confused how do I fix this? I also had cc when this started happening. But I’ve taken them off, and I’ve also repaired the game, deleted it, and I’ve updated it at least 2-3 times each. I’m confused please help. 

Who Me Too'd this topic