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Sims 4 unable to save game because of “game loading is in progress”
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So basically I was playing with this save file for about a month or 2 with no problems what’s so ever up in till recently when I was playing with the family and my sims brother came home from school but I needed to edit the sim really quick in CAS so I went through Mc Command Center And clicked “modify household in create a sim” I did what I needed to do and went back into the game but then when I tried to save the game it said “Game loading is in progress” so I couldn’t save or anything so I  ended up creating a new save file with the same family so I wouldn’t have to necessarily start over but then it happened again and currently I’m unable to save the game. And yes I do play with custom content and mods but everything is updated and I did everything such as cleaning the sims 4 folder and repairing my game 

Who Me Too'd this topic