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I'm only playing ranked solo as casual matches so they don't leave with no real intention of climbing but I really shouldn't be getting these kind of players in diamond.


Game 1 - A player drops solo and cannonballs out the map. (I get you'll still get trolls in any ranked so we can disregard this one, kinda)


Game 2 -  Gold 3 Caustic drops solo other side of the map, doesn't even pick up a weapon and locks himself into a house to camp points.  Dies within minutes.


Game 3 -  Only 3 squads remaining and another gold something swaps a purple (YES, A GOD DAMN FULLY CHARGED PURPLE!!!) for a white evo! I tell him he won't get chance to farm damage and he'll just die but he keeps arguing until, yep you guessed it, gets instantly wiped.


Edit: Yes i can make a premade if i want to climb but it has never been this bad in previous seasons and I assume i'll have to wait till D3 for the change to kick in.


Who Me Too'd this topic