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Freeze and kick in Multiplayer
★★ Novice
Ive been searching for a few hours now and i cant seem to find any solution for my problem.

My game just freezes randomly for 30-60 seconds. Sometimes after a few sec, sometimes it lets me even play a match or two. The freezes happen only in the multiplayer menu or in a match. Ive been playing the singleplayer for a few hours now and there is no freeze at all. After these 30-60 second freezes it eventually unfreezes and just kicks me back to the multiplayer or sometimes even the main menu.

I know my CPU is a bit on the lower end of the spectrum but the game acctually runs smooth except for these freezes.


AMD FX-6100


16GB ram


The only thing i found so far is this link to the titanfall forum but when i try to open it, it just links me to the main selection screen to the forum.

Who Me Too'd this topic