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Phelps! My parties are broken!
★★★★★ Novice

I have so many bugs at my parties even the guests are complaining!! So here’s what’s going on. 
1.  Guests are announced but I often don’t physically see them - they’re friends, so I know what they should look like. This happens at other parties I attend as well. 
2. No one has ever, since the beginning of my game, actually looked like they were coming up to me to talk during a party, or that they were doing anything besides being in a holding pattern with 1 other guest, yet I receive stickers, I have been Pickpocketed, and the party levels up. Guests are not performing the actions of introductions and such. It seems as if the whole thing is on auto pilot.
3.  I cannot view other guests houses or leave for any other reason or everyone leaves, and worse, hangs out in packs down either side of my street. I was going to include pictures but they showed 20 or 30 sims so I thought not. When I return to the party they either wait down the street or walk back in the house. Are these people really coming to my parties lol?
4.  Lose friends lists, chat fails, friend requests fail.

5.  Almost every interaction I initiate teleports us into my kids room. This is no problem but after 10 or 20 times per party depending on how many guests there are, I think people get weary of it. 
6.  Not all sims show up for group activities at parties. This one proves it is the program and not the players as even my own playing or non playing sims will not show up. 
7. Don’t get party cake for being life of the party, have to buy my own!!
8.  Parties won’t end. The timer reads zero and keeps on ticking. I have to leave the party at the end and when I return it will end.

 It’s important to me that these bugs be looked at as I’m concerned about other players party experience when I’m hosting, esp. the new ones who are not accustomed to all the weirdness! It’s just getting worse and worse so I thought I’d better report it. 
I hope you read this Firemonkeys! Thank you if you do! 👍😊🤭

Who Me Too'd this topic