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Hi there,
I'm wirting about my in-app purchased on 29th March 2020.
and order number is GPA. [Removed - CM]
Player ID : [Removed - CM] and amount was ₩4,900
and my case number is #58588483
 I could see the item in the app on the first day, but from next day
the item was dissapeared. 
I don't know why, What i did is just connected with my other device to play it.
and I tried to contact your team through your website more than 5 times.
I've got answer onetime only and it hasn't solved my problem and since that I couldn't get any email from you even I requested again.
I just want to get refund.
I hope this request is the last one that I need to telling you same things.
Thank you
Who Me Too'd this topic