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Sims 4 having to manually replace mods after update or installing new pack.
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Hi Simmers,


Im starting to find it annoying that after every update or every time i download a new pack/expansion i have to manually replace all mods after re-enabling them.

For Example: I download a new pack. once reloading the game it will show a pop up that informs you that all mods have been disabled.

I go to options/game settings and turn these mods back on, apply changes and reload the game.

However when i return to gameplay my mods don't automatically re-appear.  I have to go to cas and manually put the hair back on my sim or clothes. Same goes for build/buy mode items.

I would just like to know if there is a way that i can get mods to automatically return in their previous places without manually doing it.

Its driving me crazy that my sims are walking around in their underwear and bald!! Someone please help.Fingers crossed



Who Me Too'd this topic