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Sims 4 Won't Launch
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I'm am getting incredibly disheartened and if anyone could help me that would be absolutely wonderful. Almost a week ago I was playing the Sims 4 (with CC) when I closed out of sims to add a new mod in. Once doing so, the game refused to launch. All it would do is have the 'play' button darken and the cursor would load and nothing would happen. After days of trying almost every fix on the internet, I'm at my last hurrah. I need help. 


I've tried uninstalling the game and origin (many, many times), and launching the game with completely new/clean files and the game will not launch. I have tried clean rebooting my computer, updating windows 10, making sure my graphics card and drivers are up to date. I've cleared the %temp% files and reset all of my user files. I've deactivated Origin in-game, let Sims 4 and Origin past my threat protection and firewall, though in desperation is it now completely off (come get me viruses!). I've cleaned my registries and repair the Sims game itself, but alas it has still only made it to that dreaded little spinny loading symbol on my spider-man cursor.


I've tried to see if its loading in the background and not launching, but the game doesn't even appear in my task manager or details. I've tried a lot more options as well, but my brain is quite frazzled at this point honestly and I'm losing hope of ever drowning innocent sims in a pool again. If anyone has any suggestions or black magic they are willing to work, I would honestly appreciate any help. Thank you!

Who Me Too'd this topic