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Unable to connect to EA servers every afternoon and evening (PS4, south Germany)
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TLDR: We are getting "Unable to connect to EA servers" every day between around 2pm to 9:30pm, might be a regional server load issue? (south germany, PS4)


Update: This seems to be a problem caused by the apex legends servers and a specific ISP, the German "Telekom". I just found this thread:   




Dear EA-team,


for almost one week now (since around Saturday 28th of March), my friends and I are unable to play Apex Legends every afternoon and evening.

For me, it seems like a regional server load issue, because at times when I would expect that less people play (during the night and early morning), the game works perfectly. Also, for some of my friends who are from other countries or northern areas in Germany, the game seems to work pretty well.


Specifically, we get the error "Unable to connect to EA servers" when logging in. Sometimes, after trying multiple times, it will occasionally work. 

But especially during around 2pm until 9:30 pm, there is almost no possibility to get into the game. Even if we get into the game after trying for around 30 minutes or more, readying up can take up to 20-30 seconds (from pressing ready with triangle until the ready icon shows up where the level number usually is). Also, the whole party seems to be glitching (people get disconnected from the party, but others still see them, etc.)


Sometimes the login screen, it says that it is downloading the list of data centers or it says "retrieving matchmaking list...", but nothing ever happens. 

Rarely, the data center list gets loaded and it shows really high packet losses with every possible data center (e.g. Frankfurt 1/2) with very high packet losses of 60-80%.


We already tried all the troubleshooting steps (set Google Public DNS server;; Also, we do not have similar problems with any other game. So I am confident that this is not a client-side issue!


Help would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks for delivering us such a great game and we hope that we are able to play again soon...



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