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Sims 3 content not syncing with Origin
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I currently own a lot of Sims 3 content, including the base game, all of the expansion packs, most of the stuff packs and a ton of content only offered for purchase on the Sims 3 website.  My Sims 3 account is linked to my Origin account, however for some reason some of the expansion packs are not showing in Origin as being owned but rather available for purchase.  How do I resync my Sims 3 account with Origin so it knows I all ready have those games?


Additionally, will the content I bought on the Sims 3 website, which is still listed as "downloadable" be included when I install the game through Origin?  Or would it be better to simply install the game with the disks, as I have hard copies of all of the purchased content?


~ Valnatron

Who Me Too'd this topic