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Revenant Buff
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★ Guide

I think Revenant is a good legend. But I think a buff is needed for him. Here is some thoughts.


Make him climb a bit higher

Make him crouch a little faster(not at running speed)



Have a larger radius 

Launched a bit farther



Increase speed for all legends

Increase melee damage

Decrease weapon damage (Example: Pk does normal outside totem. While in side it does 15-25% less damage)(or disable weapons)

No ability’s can be used(some can be worked around so abilities can still be used. So it could be possible.)

Increase the radius

Increase the wall climb



Yea, I have some good ideas. I mean I guess but I like to see some more ideas. P.S: These are no where close near a gimmick. It’s a buff. An idea. Have common sense.


Updated version: I forgot some stuff to add because I got reminded of them. Thanks @Sir_Named for reminding me. I will do more for other legends soon.


Who Me Too'd this topic