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Geforce Now- Too Many Computers have accessed this account's version of ...
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I play on Nvidia Geforce Now, which is a cloud gaming service.

I keep receiving an error saying: Too many computers have accessed this account's version of DisplayName field missing from the registry. recently. Please try again later.

On Geforce Now, You play on virtual computers and every 1 Hour your session ends and your virtual computer is changed, and after around 4-5 sessions. I receive the error which is frustrating as it normally takes around 24 hours for it to go away and this whole weekend I haven't been able to play as much as I wanted to. When I spoke to an employee about this they said I need to talk to Nvidia about it. All you guys have to do is remove the error. Way more people will play the game if you remove it and more people will buy stuff. I am really disappointed. Hope you guys don't air this. Please reply and look into this and make changes.

Who Me Too'd this topic