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Getting abandon game penalties from the game crashing..
★ Apprentice

I'm going to keep this short and get straight to the point. I keep getting abandon game penalties for reasons out of my control and it's really ruining my enjoyment of the game. A couple of days ago, Apex kept crashing mid-game. Like actually crashing my whole computer to the point where I'd have to reset it. This was annoying, but fine at first since I was given "forgiveness" for a while. But I guess I've burned through all my "forgiveness" and now I'm getting penalties and now I'm up to 90 minutes! I've reduced the freezing/crashing by reducing my Origin friends list down to about 20 people. I'm not freezing/crashing nearly as much now, but it still happens a couple of times a day as opposed to the 5+ times a day from before. Losing hard-earned RP for reasons that aren't my fault is one thing, but to lock me out of the game for faults of the game itself is ridiculous! Can a dev please look into my account and release this stacking penalty that keeps getting applied to my account. I'm sure by tomorrow, I'll find out what comes after a 90-minute penalty and beyond. If this doesn't get sorted out, I'll be done with this game for good since it's literally preventing me from playing it and leveling up!

Who Me Too'd this topic