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Okay, this might be a weird one since it's been something I've been able to deal with for awhile but now I'm getting fed up about it. Is there anybody who finds it frustrating that the way their sims 4 household is set up in a certain order in play mode but the set up is either slightly or considerably different in create-a-sim mode?


Let me explain, so in play mode the way the sims are set up in the household shows that from left to right is oldest sim to youngest sim respectively right? Well in cas mode the sims are not in that exact order and it just triggers my OCD to an unhealthy level whenever I'm either creating new households or if my pregnant sims have just given birth. For so long all I had to do is transfer my files into a usb cartridge and reupload back into my computer but every since the new update to the game this has been less and less successful.


If there's anyone who know how to fix this problem, please reply, and if this is the first you are hearing about this problem or are also having it themselves please contact the sims 4 developers about this problem.

Who Me Too'd this topic