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Still problems launching
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I know the games runs as I'm already about 6 ours in (though I thing 2 of those hours are from repeatedly trying to get it to run!)


I'm running the origin launcher as admin, Virus protection is turned off and I'm running NeedForSpeedHeat.exe as admin as well.


What's happening right now is that when I launch the game (right clicking the exe and selecting "run as administrator" I get the NFSHeat window open up, the screen eventually goes black, my monitor show I drop into HDR mode then it drops back to the desktop, the play button changes from grayed out to orange again.


My system is more than capable of handling this game.  I'm running an i9 with 64Gb Ram, a GTX 2080Ti and the game is installed on a SSD drive.


I've had similar issues with games running from the Origin launcher in the past (most notably SW battlefront) but games running from Steam, GOG, Epic, Uplay and all work first time every time without me having to jump through the hoops of disabling Antivirus (which I'm particularly unhappy about) and having to right click to run as administrator.  So my only conclusion is that it's the Origin launcher and platform which is the common denominator.

Who Me Too'd this topic