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Sims 3 Registration Code Invalid, Need Help!
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I have been having trouble installing my Sims 3 game that I have had for many years. I recently built a new computer and wanted to install my game onto the new computer, since I will be getting rid of my old laptop that I cannot run the game on anymore due to its age. However, I am told over and over again at the beginning of the installation process that my registration code is invalid and has already been used, which it has been for when I previously installed the game on my old computer. This is very frustrating and I can't get it to install unless I have a valid registration code. I paid money for my game years ago, and I don't want to be forced into buying a brand new game all because of the annoying registration code that only works once apparently. Any help would be greatly appreciated in solving this issue. I really want to get my game installed on a computer that can finally run it smoothly.

Who Me Too'd this topic