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Matchmaking and servers state are a joke
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These past weeks I have lost an impossible amount of games, that I have dominated up until the 4th quarter of the game, due to the connection going bad and my players not responding correctly, button pressing not registering, defenders moving out of the way of the attackers and the list goes on.


It is unacceptable, I've been your customer for years and you pay me 0 respect back. The state of the game has given me immense amounts of stress, I pay money to enjoy a game or a service that works, not to be taken a fool by a greedy company. I don't care if I lose or win, I care about a consistent experience, smooth gameplay, and a working game.


You are clearly not doing anything about this and don't plan to, so I have decided to do some research into trying to take legal action against your company. I would first like you to direct me to your legal department to speak about this. 



Who Me Too'd this topic