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[NEEDS INPUT] Issues with Spellcaster Hybrids (by conversion)
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Product: The Sims 4
Which language are you playing the game in? English
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
What is your current game version number?
What expansions, game packs, and stuff packs do you have installed? Everything
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Have a vampire sim and make him into a spell-caster... overtime the sim will start changing between human/vampire/spell-caster.
What happens when the bug occurs? at first I took my vampire sim and made him a spell-caster which made my sim a vampire/spell-caster hybrid, which means i have vampiric energy, i drink blood for food, I have powers and weaknesses of vampire and also the powers of a spell-caster, at first my green sim icon above head was always a vampire, then I realized later it changed into a spell-caster, i brushed it off and kept playing the game in university, eventually I'd come to realize i can no longer convert humans to vampires, but he will attempt to do so anyway... what happens is he drinks from neck to begin the transition but he stops there and doesn't offer his wrist as usual, also i can do it several times and it keeps failing and I'd also realized that when he attempts to turn someone into a vampire he doesn't go dark form as usual so i noticed i can no longer turn into dark form, I'd seen an old post on a forum with a solved problem to get dark form back with using mirror to change sim look so i did that and it gave me the choice to add a dark form so i did, after that I hoped the bug was solved but it was only the dark form that was back, now when he attempts to turn a human into a vampire he goes dark form and fails as usual without continuing to give out his wrist for the human to drink and if i open edit CAS through Shift+Click i have no occult, I'm human with vampiric powers and weaknesses except that i can't turn anyone into a vampire, and i also have the spell-caster powers, and i also cannot reset my powers. If i turn myself into a human using both cheats to remove vampire and spell-caster traits i lose all the powers both vampire and spell but i can still see the "Magic" tab if i click myself and i can interact socially with other spell-casters talk to them about spells and potions, but its all social, no powers at all, i can only "give potion". I tried to remove both vampire and spell-caster and put them back it goes back to the bug, i tried reset sim both before i bring back my powers separately as vampire and as spell-caster and as both powers brought together and reset sim after and the bug is still there, this issue is only on one sim, and i cannot reset any of my powers at all.... even though all the other issues aren't happening to the other sims at all, they can't reset their powers either, otherwise everything with them is normal. So really my Sim is a hybrid Vampire/Spell-Caster disguised as a human with minor disadvantages.
What do you expect to see? I expected to make a hybrid as i didn't know you had to be either/or because i didn't know that to learn magic was to be in another occult until i saw the Spell-Caster banner on the green sim icon above head.which was way too late by then because the bug was already in effect.
Have you installed any customization with the game, e.g. Custom Content or Mods? Not now. I've removed them.
Did this issue appear after a specific patch or change you made to your system? Yes
Please describe the patch or change you made. This only happened in the new update, I tried making my vampire into a mermaid before and it failed, this new update bypassed this with the spell-caster apparently.

Before i restarted my game I'd brought back my Dark form, now i can't get it back the same way i did the first time as explained earlier, also, i have spells to use as well, i just don't think it's worth adding another screenshot just to show you the list.Clip_6.jpgClip_7.jpg

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