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[OPEN] Random generated sims not using skin detail category items
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Product: The Sims 4
Which language are you playing the game in? English
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
What is your current game version number? 1.58.63
What expansions, game packs, and stuff packs do you have installed? All of them.
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Go to CAS and press the randomize button at the bottom of the screen or play the game until it generates new random townie sims.
What happens when the bug occurs? The game never uses anything from "Skin Details" category (both Live mode and in CAS) I had custom skins/eyelashes and some nails in this category before (in version 1.54.120) and it worked fine. Tried this with and without mods with same results.
What do you expect to see? Skin Detail category items to be applied to sims like they used to.
Have you installed any customization with the game, e.g. Custom Content or Mods? Not now. I've removed them.
Did this issue appear after a specific patch or change you made to your system? Yes
Please describe the patch or change you made. Installed the 1.58.63 patch.

Tried to reinstall and repair the game too but this issue persists. The game seems to simply ignore the Skin Detail category completely when creating new random sims.

Who Me Too'd this topic