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[CURRENT ISSUE] Several Issues after incomplete Installation
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If you are on a Mac, please use this thread: 'Game Data Incomplete' and Grey Llama Thumbnails Replace Lots


Steps there are a bit different as the repair on Mac currently only repairs the base game.


Symptoms of this issue


  1. Invisible Sims in CAS
  2. Night sky showing up in CAS.
  3. Sims with question marks
  4. Missing world textures
  5. Base Game Worlds missing
  6. Roof and Floor patterns missing (Question Marks)
  7. Traveling to lots boots back to map/crashes (no Error Code)
  8. Multiple W on loading screen
  9. Llama Icons  on loading screen

This seems to be a rather common issue and seems to affect cc and not cc although it does seem only to occur on games that had cc in at one point.










Suggestions how to solve this


  • Check if all your CC is still compatible with the game
  • Repair the game through Origin by right-clicking on it
  • Delete the following file (it will recreate, it's a cache file): documents\electronic arts\the sims 4\localthumbcache.package
  • Reset your game to factory settings
  • Reinstall your game
  • Reinstall Origin, then repair again
  • Delete Origin cache files, then repair the game again
  • If you are using a certain adult mod that comes with adult skins/textures you need to turn off laptop mode and turn on uncompressed Sim Textures in your graphics options, This might also be true for certain cc skins.

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