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Apex Legends latency and packet loss
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Hey there legends,

I have set up a new internet broadband connection. It is a fiber to node type of connection giving me 100mbps of speeds on wired connections. I had trouble playing Apex on the internet because i constantly get latency sign and packet loss sign in the game. The main game server select menu gives ping time of around ~85-100ms and 0% packet loss on Singapore servers. I played earlier on mobile hotspot internet from my smartphone which gave me 100-115ms ping time and 0% packet loss and also it didn't give me any connectivity signs or notable issues while playing. But the broadband makes the game unplayable, literally. There is a lot of stuttering and lags while shooting. I even forwarded the ports necessary, even tried DMZ all when using a static local ip. I am out of options and I would appreciate help from anyone here. I am attaching a UOTrace results pinged to Singapore 1 server IP address of Apex Legends ( I got this ip from googling, so if i am wrong about that, i am sorry about that.
Please help me out here, how can mobile hotspot with higher ping can be giving a smoother experience rather than a 100 mbps connection. Even on a lower ping why i am getting those connectivity signs.

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