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Apex crashing since season 3 - access violation, close to desktop errors
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Hi all,


I have been playing since day 1, have had like 2-3 crashes until season 3. Since S3, I had the 100% CPU crash with i9700k, since then having access violation, just close to desktop, random alt tabbing crashes like every day many times. No BSOD so far. I have been playing using the same PC build without any change during season. Until s3 I OC'd CPU to 4.9ghz / 3200mhz XMP1 memory. I have the priority of Apex set to high and I use voicemeter banana for audio, sometimes use MSI afterburner to check cpu temp. No other game crashes at all. The game runs totally smooth, can't link crashes to any in-game event.

Since then I have tried:

- reinstall game

- repair game from origin

- disabled optimization in properties

- scanned windows for corrupted files, performed memory diagnostic check - no errors

- update drivers on GPU and other components

- turned off lighting on MOBO

- downclocked to CPU to 4.8ghz (no avx offset) / 1.33v with adaptive setting / LLC 4

- run the game as administrator, in compatibility mode win7, win8

- changed data execution prevention settings so Apex could change

- checked clean boot, unticket everything that I am not familiar with

- checked for malwares, viruses on PC

- optimized C / D drives


I only noticed that downclocking the CPU made the crashes less frequent, now it's mostly access violation errors that I get. My temps are under control, 50-65 while gaming, 60-75 while streaming. It seems to crash LESS WHILE streaming.


Could you please help me how to resolve these issues? (maybe my OC isn't stable enough and needs extra voltage?) Attaching today's reports:


- Apex Crash

- Apex crash 1

- no streaming, just close to desktop without any log.

Crash 3 - never seen this type of error before







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