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Time settings - Reset possible 3 times a year?
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Hi. I live in Sweden and thus get two time adjustments a year, one in the spring (March 31st, +1 hour) and one in autumn (October 27th, -1 hour) in 2019. This will get me to use two time setting adjustments a year which would be great if I did adjust my time setting when time changes in Sweden. But, I’ve made a time setting adjustment when I figured out its possible to change payout time, which is outside of the the standard Swedish time changes. So I’m out of sync by about 40 days until I can change the time settings again which is frustrating cause I’ll miss the payouts due to the real life and family get prioritized instead of swgoh. Have been in contact with in game support but I got a link to this Q&A section since support couldn’t help me. So please developers, would it be possible to get three time setting adjustments a year instead of two? 

Who Me Too'd this topic