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I've been playing FIFA since FIFA 14 and Brazil always had decent players overall. I'm Brazilian and the world loves Brazilian soccer. On FIFA 20 due to some licence impediment players like Filipe Luis, raphinha, DANIEL ALVES, Everton cebolinha etc WON'T be on FIFA just because they are in Brazil league and Brazil league players aren't licenced to be on FIFA. I understand that, I'm not asking you to make an agreement with them (it would be awesome tho) but at least bring a decent flashback RB card, or Scream or player of the month... Please I beg, any good Brazilian RB card? I only play with Brazilian teams and I know that millions of ppl would love a decent RB and an improved RM/RW cuz we only have Richarlyson ovr 79k he is decent but not great and Hulk ovr80 ( he is old and clunky) please EA hear me out and make Brazil great again

Who Me Too'd this topic