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Returning to a Mistaked Ban ?.. Please help Me
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So I back around march this yea I downloaded the game "Apex Legends" As it seemed good, I played for about 3 weeks then Decided it was enough for me and quit But now I Came back to Origin To Play Battle Front 2 and now I'm Here again to Play apex Legends again but For Some odd Reason I have been Banned. 


With no Email or anything From any form of ea Saying why or how I got banned.              I'm Not sure if my account was hacked and someone Played it During my Leave But I Have 2 step

verification on So I'm not sure anyone can.

Im Reading Other Parts of Peoples Posts and people say "After Burner and RiverTurner" are causing this too as im on a laptop this could be the case. 


If anyone is able to help me get my account back It would be Amazing If anyone wants to Msg on Here or You can Reach me at/on Discord Blub Bloob#4890



Thank you Ea Team / Community Standard smile

Who Me Too'd this topic