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Lag in Fifa 20
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Every time I'm playing online I'm always getting some type of lag! I played Ultimate Team and getting either a speed up lag, where the game freezes and then tries catching up to every moment that's played already, or even not being able to move my players for a short amount of time! I've been in EA Chat many times and done a lot of troubleshooting to fix the issue but nothing works. I've played on WiFi with my 2.4 GHz  band and also my 5 GHz connection and getting the same problem even when I switched to a wired connection. My speeds are 250 Mbps which should be plenty to play a game online, I recently switched to 500 Mbps and still get the lag!! I've messaged an opponent while I was getting the lag to see if they were getting it too but it's only coming from one end, my opponent wasn't having any issues. This issue has to be resolved and it has to be the servers, EA have to do something or I won't be buying this game again. Attached I have a Speed Test with my 2.4 GHz WiFi

Who Me Too'd this topic