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Fifa 20 is a broken game
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Can someone please help me I'm not new to fifa games been playing since fifa 97 I think I'm a decent player not a fantastic player but before I went to work I decided to play this game before I went to work around 5.30 am I played against the computer because online there are too many idiots I play as liverpool my team I've supported as a boy and the season they had last season you think it would be inputted into the game I was wrong I truly is awful at defending I played against Yeovil Town the game was playing good I'm at anfield having shots scoring goals creating chances passing really good 7-0 up at half time and then for some reason it stops working its like Liverpool are scared to death of Yeovil there having all the shots chances passing good for them however mine I can't pass the ball create anything or shoot or even tackle them because my players are too far away I haven't got 10ft legs they even score 2 I decided to quit the game now if I had left it alone they would have scored 5 goals now this isn't acceptable because with liverpool's full strength team c'mon now how many teams come to anfield and dominate the home side this game is so unrealistic beyond belief I welcome the patch its driving me bonkers and only had the game a week please fix this broken game ea or I'm going on pes I'm not having it anymore put up with this long enough even did this in fifa 16 17 18 and 19.

Who Me Too'd this topic