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Problems with Rivals
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I am on the right hand side of this picture. 


I spent the whole game chasing the ball as the opponent scored in the first few minutes from a rebound of the goal keeper which landed straight on the right foot of Suarez, went through my defender and into the back of the net. 


The opponent then proceeded to keep the ball in his half, passing around and dribbling around players knowing that the game is designed so you cant tackle players properly if they are in their own half.


So I spent the whole game chasing the ball and when I do get the ball, I play fantastically, getting the ball into the right position in the box, go to shoot and it will either be blocked or saved. 


12 shots on target using icons and not one goal. As you can see from the shot map, I was in good positions, inside the box. 



So what needs fixing: 


Remove the drop back tactic and make a minimum of 3 depth for competitive modes


Fix it so when you tackle, there is a higher chance of you getting the ball rather than the opponent getting it straight back. Currently it's around 25% of tackles you actually win cleanly. 

Blocked shots happen too often. Opponents using drop back + 1 depth. This makes it so that all their players are in and around the box meaning it is impossible to make a shot without it being blocked / saved. 

Passes sometimes going completely the wrong direction or when you do pass the player sometimes jerks around completely missing the pass. 

More consistent tackling.


More consistent shooting. Goalkeepers saving shots that shouldn't be saved when shooting with certain high rated, high finishing players players in the box in perfect positions.


Players can keep the ball in their own half and just dribble and pass around as it is almost impossible to intercept / tackle whilst in the opponents half. This can't happen as it makes the game boring. Chasing the ball around for 20 minutes is not a fun football game. 

I hope this feedback can be passed to the right teams. 


Update: 02/10

Got some more to add after a "fantastic" performance from the game. 

Just had a fantastic 70 minutes, playing perfectly. I am 2-0 up although I should easily be 5-0 up but as usual the 79 rated goal keeper is saving impossible shots from CR7. "Great" 

He has three shots all the second half, between the 70-90th minute using a player with less than 80 shooting. All three shots go in.... But yet my CR7 can't score in the box on 7 different attempts in that one half..... Just as a reminder CR7 is that guy that is 93 rated with 93 shooting..... 94 finishing.... 95 shot power.....

So now I have busted my hand and broken my tv controller. 

You need to stop rewarding players that are bad at the game. Start rewarding players that play well..... goal keepers shouldn't be saving point blank shots from the best players in the game. What's the point of spending money buying fifa points, getting Cristiano Ronaldo to then lose to a 79 rated team as they are rewarded for bad play and having a rubbish team. 

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