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Cannot launch Origin app or Sims 4
★★ Newbie

PC, Windows 10, 64 bit, update 1903.


I performed a fresh OS install to get to that build, installed Origin and Sims 4 after that, and everything worked great.


Flash forward a couple weeks.

I've installed some windows updates, but otherwise setup is unchanged, and now origin will not launch, nor will Sims 4.


I've searched the heck out of this forum and the internet at large and tried about a thousand things.

Now I don't even have Sims 4 installed anymore, and no way to do so since even completely reset and reinstalled Origin app will not run.


One of the many suggestions I found was to reinstall the C++ redistributable files.

In attempting this I noticed the ones on my machine are NEWER than those being requested by Origin.


Is this the source of my problem?
If so, when will Origin update to support the latest versions?


If not, I'm at the end of the rope here, but unwilling to wait through the 263 minute chat wait time to actually talk directly to support.


My daughter is practically in tears because she just wanted to spend her screen time on Sims 4 today, and here I have now spent hours trying to figure it out and am no closer to a solution.


PLEASE do not respond with the four thousand tweaks you find the second you search on these kinds of issues. I assure you I've tried them all with no success.

But any legit help here would be greatly appreciated.



Who Me Too'd this topic